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In 1871, when General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs, the population of our city was only about 5,000 people. Downtown was trademarked by Palmer’s idea of a first class hotel, The Antlers, which was named by housing his large collection of deer and elk trophies. Just down the street, the Mining Exchange Building was the business center for the miners of Cripple Creek and Victor in the early 1900s, where they came to sell shares of gold and precious minerals. General Palmer had a vision and dream of an elite and vibrant urban resort, and so he nicknamed Colorado Springs “Little London”— a small urban epicenter of culture and civility in the otherwise Wild West.

Historic Antlers Hotel Historic Mining Exchange Hotel

Downtown Colorado Springs has undergone a lot of changes since Palmer’s first vision. The original Antlers Hotel burned down and was reconstructed, only to be demolished in 1964, and rebuilt in its current structure in the following years. The economy ebbed and flowed through the 70s and 80s, as suburbs grew and obsolete buildings were destroyed. The 90s brought a renewed energy to downtown, with more restaurants and bars popping up along Tejon Street and the tech industry booming in the city.

In the early 2000s, the abandoned Mining Exchange building was bought by Perry Sanders, a man with a grand vision. Just like General William Jackson Palmer, Sanders wanted to build an urban epicenter of culture in beautiful Downtown Colorado Springs. In the years following, The Mining Exchange was refurbished to a modern, 117 room boutique hotel, opening to the public in May, 2012. The building, still housing the original vault doors, became an exquisitely restored structure, with towering granite walls crowned by elaborate embellishments, an extraordinary lobby bar with the comfort of vintage-inspired furniture, a European-style courtyard, crystal chandeliers, and the upmost quality of guest rooms and service. This four-diamond hotel was only the beginning of a vision come true.

MX Courtyard The Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel

Just next door is Springs Orleans, which opened in 2011 and acted as an easy fit as the official Hotel Restaurant for the Mining Exchange. Springs Orleans brought Sanders’ New Orleans roots to the heart of Colorado Springs. Soon after, the Mining Exchange Hotel adorned the lower level into a luxurious full-service spa and fitness center. With the acquisition of the Antlers Hotel in 2015, Sanders and his business partner, John Goede, saw the opening for their vision of an elite urban club and resort – 365 Grand Club.

The Antlers Hotel has since transitioned to the Wyndham family, along with the Mining Exchange, and has been renovated with luxurious amenities and a new dedication to high-end service. The Antlers Grille— just off the main lobby— has been refurbished to represent the original grille from the 1900s. A new lobby bar is currently under construction that will offer over an abundance of local & regional microbrews, high-end wines & spirits, and gourmet appetizers.

The Antlers a Wyndham Hotel Antlers Lobby

Along with the two hotels, a high quality Cajun restaurant and luxurious day spa, Sanders & Goede carried on their vision in 2015 and 2016 to include Johnny Martin’s Car Central, The Famous Steakhouse, the Gold Room and a brand new state-of-the-art fitness center, FIT365.

Johnny Martin’s offers a unique social experience powered by the passion of classic and custom cars. The private club serves high-end American cuisine in a sophisticated lounge area where unique and rare automobiles are on display, switched out monthly. Johnny Martin’s hosts occasional live music, sharing the entertainment realm of the 365 Grand Club with the Gold Room— located directly across Nevada Avenue, right next door to the Mining Exchange.

The Gold Room, a historic, art deco building offers a unique setting for any type of music or entertainment, and also host private parties, corporate functions, and posh weddings.

With the entertainment venues, fine dining establishments, a luxurious spa, two boutique hotels and a 10,000 sq. ft. fitness center, the dream of 365 Grand Club was born. All of these flagship properties offer a robust urban resort experience, all within 4 blocks of each other.

The Club has also partnered with over 40 local shops, businesses, restaurants and organizations to provide members with the best benefits throughout the Colorado Springs area. It even offers members-only shuttle service between venues for an elite experience. Through the growth of a dream and the partnership of our local businesses, Sanders is creating a network of thriving city-goers, business professionals, residents, and visitors to strengthen a vibrant downtown Colorado Springs.

And from there, we welcome you to the club. 

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